Kick off your shoes

Since this wonderful summer began, (hopefully not over yet). I’ve been kicking off my shoes at any opportunity. Mindful walking helps us connect mind and body rather than solely living in our heads . We can tune into the sensations of our feet on the floor, making direct contact with the earth.

Sometimes when I visit my elderly parents I find that my mind can become a little agitated. By walking barefoot I am able to walk about the house/garden and notice the different textures of the ground beneath my feet.

Placing my attention into my feet I am able to notice the contrasts of the cold hard laminate flooring and the warm soft, deep textures of the stair carpet. I can explore the many sensations of walking barefoot on the grass in the garden. By taking advantage of these simple pleasures I am tuning into the wisdom of the body and in doing so I can gently escort my mind back into the now.